Fee Description Fee Amount
Monthly Subscription $20/$40/$60
Per Transaction Fee $0.25/$0.15/$0.10
Pass Through Visa/Mastercard Network Fees No mark up
Account Set Up Fee $0
Statement Fee $0
Monthly Minimum $0
Cancellation Fee $0
PCI Fee $0
IRS/TIN Fee $0
Address Verification Fee $0
Payment Depot Virtual Terminal/Gateway/Shopping Cart FREE


Upgrade Options

Upgrade Description Upgrade Amount
Authorize.net (for merchants upgrading from our free gateway) $25 set up. $10/mo (from Authorize.net)
Authorize.net transaction fee $0.05/transaction (from Authorize.net)
Roam Pay Wireless Fee (for merchants upgrading to Roam Data) $10/mo
Landline Terminal (plugs into standard phone line) $199
Ethernet Terminal (plugs into ethernet cable from a router) $249
Roam Pay Mobile Card Reader (plugs into iPhone or Android Device) $49


Visa, MasterCard and Discover make money by charging assessments on every transaction involving one of their credit cards. Like interchange, assessments are exactly the same for all credit card processors and no processor can give you a lower rate or a better deal on assessments.

The below fees are passed onto a merchant besides Interchange and Dues/Assessments. No processor has control over these fees


Visa Fixed Acquirer Network Fee

Update: July 23, 2012

Visa now charges a separate acquirer processing fee for debit and credit card transactions. The APF for credit card transactions is $0.0195, and the APF for debit card transactions is $0.0155.

Visa began charging an acquirer processing fee (APF) on July 1, 2009 on all authorizations acquired in the United States. The acquirer processing fee is a flat transaction fee that is currently assessed at $0.0195.

Visa Integrity Fee

Effective April 13, 2012, Visa will begin charging a Transaction Integrity Fee (TIF) of $0.10 on transactions involving Visa debit and prepaid cards that do not meet CPS requirements (more on this later). The Transaction Integrity Fee will not apply to Visa credit card transactions.

Visa Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF)

Effective April 1, 2012, Visa began charging a Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF), which was previously communicated as the Network Participation Fee (NPF).

The FANF is a monthly fee that will affect all merchants to a varying degree.

For card present businesses like retailers, the amount of the Fixed Acquirer Network Fee will be based on the number of locations a business has. For card not present businesses like e-commerce operations, the FANF will be based on gross Visa processing volume.

Visa Settlement Network Access Fee

$0.0023 – Settlement Network Access Fee – Also called a Visa Base II Fee
Applies to all U.S.-based settlement transactions. If your business is based in the U.S., the settlement network access fee will apply to all Visa settlement transactions.


The Settlement Network Access Fee (Visa Base II Fee) and Acquirer Processing Fee will both apply to the vast majority of credit card transactions for U.S.-based businesses bringing the total fee to $0.022

Visa Misuse of Auth Fee

$0.045 – Misuse of Authorization Fee; The Misuse of Authorization Fee applies to Visa authorizations that are not followed by a matching clearing transaction (or in the case of a cancelled or timed out authorization, not properly reversed).

Visa Zero Limit Fee

$0.10 – Zero Floor Limit Fee; Visa’s Zero Floor Limit applies to cleared transactions that can’t be matched to a previously approved or partially-approved authorization. In short, it applies to settlement transactions submitted without a proper authorization.

Visa Zero Dollar Verification Fee

$0.025 – Zero Dollar Verification Fee; The Zero Dollar Verification fee applies to Zero Dollar Verification messages (approved and declined). Zero Dollar Verification messages include the verification of the card account number, address verification (through AVS), Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2) and Single Message System (SMS) acquired Account Verification authorizations. The Visa Misuse of Authorization Fee does not apply to these requests. The fee applies when you want to verify a cardholder’s information without actually authorizing an amount of their card.

Visa ISA Fee

0.40% – International Service Assessment Fee; The International Service Assessment Fee applies to U.S. acquired transactions paid for with a card issued outside of the U.S.

Visa Int’l Acquirer Fee

0.45% – International Acquirer Fee; The International Acquirer Fee applies under the same circumstances as the International Service Assessment Fee noted above.


MC Acquirer Brand Volume Fee

0.12% (Transactions greater than $1,000)

Note: Effective January 15, 2012 MasterCard’s Acquirer Brand Volume Fee increased from 0.12% to 0.13%. This assessment applies to consumer and business credit volume on transactions of $1,000 or greater. This assessment does not apply to signature debit transactions regardless of size.

MC Acquirer Support Fee

0.85% – Acquirer Program Support Fee (Increased to 0.85% from 0.55% on April 1, 2013)

The Acquirer Program Support Fee applies under the same circumstances as the Cross-Border Assessment Fee (Domestic) noted above.MC Acquirer License Fee

Effective April 2012, MasterCard will begin charging 0.0045% as an Acquirer License Fee assessed on gross MasterCard processing volume. This fee is also referred to by several processors as a License Volume Fee

MC Cross Border Fee

MasterCard began charging a cross border fee on all transactions acquired in the United States that involve a credit card issued outside of the United States. For example, if a cardholder uses their Canadian-issued MasterCard to make a purchase from a business in Montana, the business will be assessed a cross border fee.

Domestic – The cross border fee is 40 basis points (0.40%) only if the transaction is settled in U.S. dollars.

Foreign – It is increased to 80 basis points if the transaction is settled in foreign currency.


Effective June 30, 2013 MasterCard’s NABU fee will increase from $0.0185 to $0.0195

Effective January 8, 2012 MasterCard’s NABU fee will apply to authorization transactions instead of settlement transactions. The NABU fee will remain for refund requests.

MasterCard charges a fee of $0.0185 on all settle or refunded credit and signature debit card transactions. MasterCard calls this charge a Network Access Brand Usage fee.

Revenue generated from the NABU fee goes directly to MasterCard. It is not collected by credit card processors or issuing banks.
MasterCard began charging the NABU fee is April of 2009. Prior to the $0.0185 charge, MasterCard assessed a $0.005 Acquirer Access Fee to transactions run through its network.

Since revenue from the NABU fee goes directly to MasterCard, most processors assess the fee to businesses at cost.

MC Processing Integrity Fee

$0.055 – Processing Integrity Fee (Card-Present, Card-Not-Present, No reversal)

Effective June 14, 2011 MasterCard began charging acquirers a Processing Integrity Fee of $0.045 to encourage merchants to abide by proper transaction authorization standards. MasterCard increased the Processing Integrity Fee by $0.01 to $0.055 on November 1, 2011. The Processing Integrity Fee will apply in the following instances:

  • Card-present: Transactions are not settled, cleared, or reversed within 24 hours of the original authorization transaction/request
  • Card-not-present: Transactions are not settled, cleared, or reversed within 72 hours of the original authorization transaction/request
  • No reversal: An authorization transaction cannot be matched to a corresponding settlement record after a period of 120 days
  • Exempt merchants: Travel and entertainment merchants classified as MCC 3351-3441, 3501-3999, 4411, 7011 and 7512 are exempt from the Processing Integrity Fee

Discover Pass Through Fees

Discover Data usage Fee

$0.0185 – Data Usage Fee; The Data Usage Fee applies to all U.S.-based authorization transactions.


Discover Data Transmission Fee

$0.0025 – Data Transmission Fee; The Data Transmission Fee applies to all sale transactions.


Discover International Processing Fee

0.40% – International Processing Fee; The International Service Fee applies to U.S. acquired transactions paid for with a card issued outside of the U.S.


Discover International Service Fee

0.55% – International Service Fee; The International Service Fee applies under the same circumstances as the International Processing Fee noted above.

Chargeback/Retrieval Fee (only if a customer disputes a transaction) $15